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Verdi Oncology Research Website Provides List of Active Clinical Trials

September 13, 2022

Verdi Oncology has been invested in clinical research since its inception. Historically, medical advances have primarily come from research testing new treatments and medications. Unfortunately, many of the most cutting-edge treatments are not accessible to the patients who need them. Access to the right treatments belongs in the community. Verdi’s research program is built specifically to support innovation in community oncology practices.

Verdi Oncology Research supports all of the practices in the Verdi network, and physician leaders from each practice are part of the research team. Through this integrated program, we offer access to world-class clinical trials at every phase of treatment. We currently have active or upcoming trials in Tennessee, Texas, and Indiana.

Our new website, VerdiClinicalResearch.com, will allow patients, their loved ones, and medical community members to learn more about our research program and view all active clinical trials. The launch of this website is just a part of making innovative cancer care more accessible. 

Clinical trials enable us to improve how cancer is detected, diagnosed, and treated. Patients can participate in innovative research programs they wouldn’t normally have access to. We can create expanded clinical pathways, giving patients more personalized treatment options. With more advanced treatment options, we see better patient outcomes, actually reducing cancer’s impact.

Through the Verdi Clinical Research program, we remain committed to participating in cutting-edge oncology research that improves the future of cancer treatment for our patients and their families.

Have Questions?

The decision to enter a clinical trial is always up to you. Our research team is readily available to assist you with any questions. For more information about the clinical trials available to you, contact us through the patient portal or by phone.