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The Role of Nutrition During Glioblastoma Treatment

According to Cancer Research UK, the largest independent cancer research organization in the world, there are roughly 200 cancers that can attack the body at any given time. They are each classified according to where they originated in the body…

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Combining Immunotherapy with Traditional Cancer Treatments: A Multimodal Approach

Immunotherapy has emerged as a groundbreaking approach to cancer treatment, revolutionizing how we combat this formidable disease. Immunotherapy has demonstrated remarkable success in fighting various types of cancers by harnessing the power of the body’s immune system. However, as with…

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Using Genomics in Cancer Treatment: Precision Medicine and Personalized Care

Today, genomics and genetic testing are standard terms people encounter when they research cancer treatment. As researchers continue studying genetics and cancer development, new findings emerge yearly. Combined with a precision medicine or personalized treatment approach, genomic information can make…

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The Benefits of Clinical Trials for Esophageal Cancer

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with esophageal cancer, it’s no doubt a scary time. And you might be wondering how patients can improve their odds of favorable medical outcomes.   In these circumstances, you might ask your doctor if you’d…

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Benefits of Clinical Trials for Myeloma

Although multiple myeloma is considered a relatively rare cancer, it is the second most common type of blood cancer, after leukemia. The exact cause is unknown, but certain factors such as genetic mutations, exposure to radiation or certain chemicals, and…

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Tips for Finding and Participating in Cancer Clinical Trials

Cancer treatment sometimes means finding clinical trials that will offer patients the potential to take an active role in their cancer treatments as well as provide hope for those facing difficult diagnoses. With clinical trial matching and trial support, participating…

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