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Advancing oncology through cutting edge clinical research

The Future of Oncology

As a proven leader in cancer research, we provide patients with access to cutting-edge clinical trials at every phase of treatment. Clinical trials help reduce the impact of cancer while also improving the ways that it is detected, diagnosed, and treated.

Our providers are known for their excellence in oncological research and always exhibit a delicate atmosphere of trust and concern. We offer advanced treatment options with a personal, reliable touch.

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World Class Clinical Trials

We offer access to world-class clinical trials at a community level through the practices in the Verdi Oncology network. View our list of clinical trials to see if there is an option that is right for you.

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Our advanced clinical research program means that we can identify and provide the best medical solutions and treatment pathways for each individual patient. With clinical trials, we offer access to better solutions and more treatment options.

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Patient Testimonial

The decision to join a clinical trial always belongs to the patient. Hear from one of our clinical trial participants, a patient of Horizon Oncology.

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